National Listing Of Support Centers

This list is intended to be a resource for the SA survivor. Studies have shown that participating in group therapy can elevate the immune system. If you have kept your abuse secret, even for decades, you may feel safe enough in a support group to get this weight off your shoulders.

If your site is not listed here, send us an email with appropriate description of your programs and include credentials of therapists. To exchange links, your site must have a prominent links button on the home page.

If there is not a support program in your city, consider starting one! Remember the prevalence of sexual abuse and understand that, no matter how small your community is, chances are good that there is a large number of survivors around you. Talk with area psychologists; visit area mental health agencies; meet with religious leaders. Consider putting an ad in your local newspaper for a start-up seminar/support group.


Penelope House
P.O. BOX 9127
Mobile, AL 36691 251-342-8994 (24-hour crisis line)

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